CCTV systems


Modern security systems are difficult to imagine without the around clock surveillance ongoing for 24 hours. The rapid and strong development of technology withdrew surveillance system from the state of the passive witness of events. This system controlled by artificial intelligence in the future will not be limited only by biometric recognition. A video surveillance system already covers a broad scope that responds to certain algorithms of movement style and behavior, abnormal situations.

In the issue of control of security systems the human factor plays a big role. Operator, tracking what is happening on dozens of monitors, in a short time losts vigilance. The more time working staff conducts observation of the monitor, the greater efficiency decreases. This is natural, because watching the monitor screen, where in 99 percent of cases, nothing happens, and trying find there suspicious moments - is almost impossible job.

A video analysis system controlled by artificial intelligence never gets tired. It is capable simultaneously “recognize" and "observe" the hundreds of people. For example, if the AI observes on the screen a programmed alarm algorithm, like someone left some bag or package and moved away, it immediately notifies the security officer. And operator, whose attention was drawn to the monitor, which gives an alarm signal, performing his duties, responds to the situation and starts the appropriate protocols.

The company "Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" designs, installs and maintains CCTV systems inside and outside the premises and territories. The company also provides certified courses for working personnel defined by the client for the work with the system.