Fire protection of constructions and buildings.


The modern approach to fire prevention involves a very serious arsenal of fire prevention tools. This direction must constantly evolve, because the new technology along with new forms of structures brought in civil engineering new composite materials which have not been used before. Company performing this type of service provision, along with the database and knowledge should have a staff of certified professionals.

During maintenance work on the fire protection of construction professionals make a list of the materials in the places of potential fire. In such cases, the list of non-combustible materials are introduced along with flammable materials.

Wood and plastic, the material of curtains and carpeting, wallpaper, cable lines and other flammable materials used in construction - is not the whole list. For all of these materials, there are special soaking formulations increasing fire resistance. Besides, fire protection of structures involves coating with a special compound non-combustible materials too. Such coating increases their deformation making it possible to strengthen the overall fire resistance of structures.

It is necessary to take into account one thing: fire prevention is more noble and efficient work compared with the removal of traces of even the weak and small fire. We can say that in a room or area where the fire occurred, an immediate and thorough repair is needed. But apart from the direct harm it is difficult to calculate the other damage caused while extinguishing the fire, long term ventilation to remove smoke and odors, removing traces of soot.