Smoke removal and ventilation system


According to the objective and horrible statistics reason for four out of five deaths is not the heat, but smoke. In most cases of fire, smoke spreads faster than fire. This smoke, when contacting with the cornea, causes severe burning pain in the eyes, tears and disoriented motion. In such cases, even a small amount of ingested smoke causes intoxication of the organism and this results with loss of consciousness. In addition, in many cases, fire happens unexpectedly and that leads to panic and confusion among people.

We can sometimes see the results of such situations. For example, many aware of the fire event which happened recently in the Lame Horse club located in Perm, Russia. At the time, the reason for the large number of victims was panic, caused a thick layer of smoke. People in the thick layer of toxic smoke in a closed room were disoriented.

For this reason the struggle with the smoke has become one of most important tasks in ensuring fire safety. Today our company has mechanisms for diagnosing and activation of exhaust or smoke extraction. The purpose of these mechanisms - cleaning rooms from filling up smoke and tiny ash particles in the shortest possible time. The smoke removal system provides oxygen supply in sufficient quantity for humans to breath, but not enough to ignite the fire. The system is mounted in such a way that could provide a visual view and breathing along with the removal of smoke from the evacuation track of people from a facility on a fire.

Smoke control system prevents the spread of smoke and fire. To meet this challenge, in unprepared areas and rooms, which are ideal for the spread of fire and smoke in the vent pipes are installed special fences. These fences, controlled by extinguishing system, create a route for people fleeing and free escape routes from smoke.

On top of that, there are smoke protection curtains, which localize smoke within a certain area. Such curtains enhance the operational efficiency of fire fighting equipment and smoke removal, which, in turn, creates additional opportunities for firefighters. This fire extinguishing operation makes it possible to keep recovery costs of the premises after the fire economic.