Design and creation of fire safety systems


Where begins fire safety? There is one answer to this question: it begins with the fire safety plan prepared by competent plan prepared by professionals. This plan is prepared in accordance with legal documents and taking into account the financial possibilities and desires of the customer. But in all cases the safety and reliability of key systems are strictly met and any harm to these systems is not allowed. The highest effect is obtained when fire safety systems are designed at the stage of creating the construction.

First of all, in the project are taken into account measures to prevent hazards associated with fire. After that, the question of life safety of the people on the site and of their timely evacuation from the danger zone in case of fire. The third component of the fire safety systems’ design - is the development of measures for effective dealing with fire and smoke.

During the designing fire resistance of constructions, escape routes of people locations of fire-fighting equipment and basic fire safety systems are taken into account: automatic fire extinguishing, fire alarm, automatic warning, smoke removal, fire protection and other security systems.

If the building is in operation for several decades, this means that all of its fire safety systems are outdated. In such cases, it becomes necessary to rebuild and upgrade the systems in such buildings. If you have changed the construction of the rooms in the building or repair is made, the question of security systems’ renewal is becoming more urgent.

Upgrading of fire safety of the object begins with the object’s examination. The aim is to examine technical requirements for such a facility. According to the results of examination a decision on strengthening of fire safety systems by modern means or its complete replacement is made.

Designing of fire safety systems is not an easy task. A very large amount of primary information is required for designing. On a par with this design requires very responsible approach, because the efficiency of the complex fire protection actions, and most importantly, the life and health of people, depends on the quality of design.