Installation of fire hydrants and water pipes


Despite the widespread development of alternative fire extinguishing systems, the most commonly used means of extinguishing the fire is water. In many cases, it is water that is directly used as the extinguishing agent, in another case, the water is used for creation of a "water wall" to protect the human life and health from thermal radiation and in the case of a very difficult fire situation spray plays role of an indispensable fire extinguishing agent by dispersion of water. In addition, the water comes to the aid when cooling burning structures to prevent scaling up of fire disasters.

But it is impossible to implement all the above steps in the absence of special water supplies and communications at the facility to deliver the water to the required point. Even when using only water as extinguishing agent for the success of the operations are necessary fire extinguishing tanks, water pipes and fire hydrants (means necessary to extract water from water supply to extinguish the fire).

Usually people think that fire trucks always have water. But in reality, in fire trucks water is in small volumes, which are insufficient to deal with large fires. For a successful struggle with team of firefighters must uninterruptible supply machine with water. In order to do this you need to connect to the hydrant. In case of fire at the facility, you must create strategic reserves of water to extinguish it by all possible means.

Specialists of "Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" company perform work on the design, installation, maintenance of internal firefighting water pipes and their inspection by water delivery.