The use of robots in the fire fighting


Robots used in fire-fighting, are composed of remotely controlled master stream nozzle, nozzles moving up and down and 360 degrees. These devices are collected in special shock-proof and explosion-proof corps and are designed for both controlled and stand-alone operation in extreme conditions.

To perform firefighting in a fully autonomous form on a stationary robot was installed artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence system allows the firefighting robot to collect information from its warning devices of different directions, to analyze it and determine the location of the fire by method of exclusion. The analysis of several factors and signals allows the system to avoid errors and inaccuracies during fire fighting. For example, a master stream nozzle mounted on an offshore platform, will not respond to water shine as the fire. The system can be installed in another way. In this case, the robot turns into a segment of the system coordinating its actions with the central control system, with electronic devices or working staff and receive information from the central control system.

Robot performing fire fighting, is not content with just the definition of the direction and strength of fire. Included in the system various warning devices, determine the distance to ignition source and adjust the force and the distance of the jet coming out of nozzle. Rotating nozzles fitted with a device enabling usage of plain water and foam as extinguishing agent. In addition, spraying of extinguishing agent can also be adjusted. For example, the robot can provide water in a stream or water spray form.

Modern materials during combustion create around themselves poisonous atmosphere harmful to human life. Due to this poisonous atmosphere people involved in fire fighting completely can not keep putting out the fire or do it blindly. The result in many cases is either inefficient or totally ineffective. There is no need to evacuate master stream nozzle because the high-temperature environment is not dangerous for it. This trunk, which is in the midst of the fire, allows spot (local) fire-fighting. Undoubtedly, this makes possible to increase the level of fire safety, and as a result raised protection of lives and property to a new level of quality.