Automatic gas fire extinguishing system


Fire extinguishing systems differ depending on the type of extinguishing agent used in the system (for example: water, foam, pure inert and reactive gases). During a fire, the use of extinguishing agent depends on the characteristics of the facility to be protected from fire. Among the extinguishing agents special place is occupied by chemical gas brand FM200. Experience shows that the use of gas FM200 is more appropriate in places of residence or work of the people, and in places, archives and barns which houses expensive electronic equipment or precious things because water or foam can damage or destroy any servers or computer equipment. When using gas FM200 this danger is eliminated.

When using the gas fire extinguishing system to prevent any possibility of the combustion process in the place of fire there is created a special gas atmosphere. There are several advantages of using chemical gas FM200. Let's consider some of the advantages.

Firstly, the most important advantage of the use of chemical gas - it is safe for people and electronic equipment. During fire fighting gas is used in a concentration not to be harmful to human health and life. When using the FM200 gas concentration of oxygen in the room is reduced by 3%. Along with the fact that such a composition of the air is not sufficient to continue the fire, it allows people who are there to breathe.

The use of chemical gas FM200 is also very advantageous in places of storage of expensive electronic equipment and important documents. The most harmful effect that may occur with FM200 gas in areas of fire is the possibility of a small drop in temperature. The gas does not lead to corrosion and does not conduct electricity.

Archives of paper documents, unique databases stored in computers and servers created for decades in many cases consist of a non-renewable precious materials. And the risk of an instant loss of data stored on servers and other storage locations is always there. It is for this reason that, in terms of data storage and carriers, installation of gas fire extinguishing is the most effective way.

One of the advantages of gas extinguishing is the time used to put out the fire. The experimental results and data on extinguishing of real fires show that the use of chemical gas FM200 prevents fire within 15 seconds. Another advantage of the system is that it is compact and takes up very little space in storage. In systems of gas fire extinguishing, extinguishing agent is stored in cylinders as a liquid. This system is reliable - because in a parallel manner used electric (leakage controldevice) and visual (with manometers) monitoring.

Thus, if we pay attention to all of the above, we see that the fire extinguishing system by gas FM200 meets the highest standards of fire safety. Even in some cases (for example, in places where there are large amounts of telecommunication devices, computers, and servers), this system is the only acceptable option.