Fire alarm


In our complex and full of unexpected events world fire and security alarm system is one of the essential attributes of each facility from a country house to a large enterprise.
The achievements of modern optics and electronics makes physical security simply inefficient, doing almost all the functions of the living guard with great success. Technical systems are fast, do not need sleep, and most importantly, reliable - they can not be somehow bribed. If you use high quality elements and properly care for them, the systems can be used for decades.

The sensitivity of infrared movement warning devices mainly used in the security alarm by "Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" company is 60% better than cat's eye sensitivity. A spectral sensitivity of glass detectors is at a such an extent that it is possible to distinguish the sound of glass cut with diamond even against the background of beating a cupboard ware. Fire and smoke alarm and fire optical detectors are not far behind in quality. But the most important task in the modern digital life is the speed and volume of information.

Modern industrial computer is not the same with familiar to us system computer. This small module attached to the panel of uninterruptible power is enabling art analysis of signals from cameras. And in the near future, this method of analysis will allow guaranteed determination of the signs of fire or suspicious persons, by means of comparison with a card file of law enforcement.

The company "Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" offers a full range of electronic security systems. With the range of services offered includes - initial examination of the object, creating cost estimates, preparation, execution and coordination of the signaling project, providing component parts and materials, carrying out construction, installation and commissioning works, object delivery to enforcement agencies and fire security commissions, control room monitoring with prompt reaction, providing services for warranty, service and maintenance, etc.

Design work is done not only in the framework of the accepted technical standards, but also considering desires of the customer, without going beyond that framework. In such cases, the best deadlines for the customer, his financial resources and even the aesthetic nuances and other points are taken into account.

In many cases, the installation of fire alarm is made in a residential flats, in existing offices, shops, laboratories. Since the alignment of noisy and dusty construction work is one of the very important factors in the scheduling of construction work "Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" always takes into account the interests of the customer.