Connection to a centralized server to maintain day and night monitoring.


Fire safety is a great range of activities. One important component of this range is monitoring and prevention system of fire occurrence. The purpose of the system is a rapid detection of ignition (smoke) and report it to people located on the dangerous territory, as well as providing accurate information to those who begin to extinguish the fire.

Sometimes there is a perception that the fire alarm system is not important and even a security guard can successfully replace all preventive measures. These arguments are not only fundamentally wrong, but even very dangerous and destructive. It is necessary to consider that any unusual situation may be desperate for the unprepared person. Bitter experience has shown that when the measures are not prepared rationally, in the event of a situation, people are lost and begin random motion in order to save themselves. The result of such unprofessional actions in many cases is unpredictable and sometimes fatal.

The level of modern measures for avoidance and prevention of fire can not be compared to human resources. Initially object on which you will install the system is studied from the point of view of fire potential. After this, specialists perform preventive procedures to prevent or eliminate fire or leakage of explosive mixtures at the early stages. On request, specialists can monitor fire prevention state of an object round the clock in the mode of control over electronics.

All data coming from signaling devices is received on the remote control. Here, artificial intelligence, conducting measurements and calculations every second, immediately activates an alarm in case of danger. For this system, the human factor is not important, this system does not hope for "maybe", this system does not sleep, the system does not confuse the smell of smoke with others, this system can not be bribed. Thus, when the first risk signal is received, the system runs the primary mode of workers’ notification and activates protocols for elimination of the danger.

Trained working staff informs instant reaction team. In turn, the instant reaction team performs routine work in all directions, from escort firefighting vehicles to coordination of fire brigades’ movement. At the disposal of this special unit there is a database of on-site hydrants’ location, fire fighting equipment, water tanks, and the route plan for approach of fire brigades.

The security component of such systems provides at the disposal of the owner information making possible to ensure complete safety of the facility. This is such an intelligent system that allows you to collect and interpret the signals, based on biometrics and the properties of human behavior. Thus, it implements complex protection of the object and human lives.