Audit, monitoring, consulting of fire safety systems


Among the services provided by our company there is also an audit service of any facilities of the customer. But what does an audit mean? An audit, in the form considered in this article, is an inspection by specialists armed with appropriate and necessary measurement and control equipment for conformance to the standards of fire and explosion safety. An audit includes verification of all the ordered rooms, areas, as well as potentially dangerous areas for compliance with accepted standards of fire and explosion safety.

After audit inspection, you can prepare and provide to the Customer in writing a list of all the necessary technical means and organizational measures to eliminate all deficiencies. Prepared list contains well-defined specifications and has the nature of guidance. Following the terms of instructions is sufficient to make facility accepted by State Commission.

Of course, it is possible to achieve fire safety in different ways. Experts of "Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" in the form of advice (that is, still providing consulting services, before provision of the list in writing) can describe all possible ways of compliance with fire regulations. Variants of decisions will depend on the level of financial capacity of the customer, the existence of appropriate staff contingent, aesthetic needs and other factors. All this makes it possible to select the option, which meets the needs of the customer best and the most appropriate for the object under discussion.

For example, in places of increased hazard the use of technical means is more appropriate. On the contrary, if for any reason personnel stays on duty on the facility around the clock, we can use the simplified control system. In this case, we can even offer a dual monitoring system with a connection to a centralized surveillance console. For example, a customer may require a wire through the outer steel pipe, available at the company in excess, for reasons of cost, while others can not accept even a plastic cover made abroad, because he prefers cordless sensors etc.

"Arsenal Fire Fighting Systems" company can implement monitoring by all possible ways. Such methods include many options, from the above-mentioned inspections to Centralized Surveillance Console. Surveillance is carried out by analyzing the video of intelligent systems with connected security cameras, as well as by monitoring facilities by fire stands.