Audio and Video Systems


Modern systems for audio / video door phones are among the most reliable and effective means to ensure the safety of residential areas. These systems make it possible to limit the penetration into the apartment of unwanted and uninvited "guests."

Audio / video door phone is a bidirectional communication device. This device allows a person who is in the room, to hear or see if there is a video, a man who wants to enter, to contact him, and only then decide whether or not to let him in.

Security of the human inside the house is ensured by the prevention of direct contact with the visitor. In that case master of the house is able to build any kind of relationship, which he sees fit, with the person who wants to enter. Owner of audio / video intercom can clarify the purpose of the visit by contacting the person standing at the door or seeing that comer is behaving suspiciously, can refuse entering into contact with him.

Intercoms replaced locks with code at the entrances of flats. Practice has shown that the locks with codes could not effectively prevent the entry of strangers into closed places. Usually codes required to open these locks are very simple and consist of several numbers. But after being used for some time, often pressed code button wear and begin to differ from others. This gives an opportunity to all who wish to enter the building to find out what the code is.

Audio / video door phones systems are a serious obstacle for the strangers who want to go through the front door. Of course, the absence at entrance of the building of strangers, intruders and noisy companies of teenagers allows maintenance of cleanness, neatness and quietness.

Systems of audio / video door phones are also indispensable finding for country houses. Because usually between the front door and the gate of a house there is a large enough distance. And with video door phone communication you can see who came without walking such a great distance.

For the convenience of residents there is possibility of multiple call panels’ installation or intercoms systems with audio / video door phones. Audio / video intercoms also can be synchronized with other protection systems, resulting in improved security.