Acces control


One of the most intelligent among the existing security systems is the access control system. This system provides access to the closed area only to people who have appropriate permission. The main purpose of the system is preventing the admission of strangers into the rooms or protected areas.

An access control system allows the identification of all employees or visitors entering and leaving the protected area. Depending on the will of user, the system can be used both for single point of entry and for the entire door system within the territory.

In today's world of electronic access control systems are known as the most reliable among the security systems. Recent innovations in this area are particularly interesting. Modern advanced electronic systems not only read codes from plastic cards, but they are also programmed to human biological data, such as fingerprints, eye retinas. Such personal information is unique and personal to each individual. Therefore, these data are the best information to identify the person.

The following is the working principle of access control system:
A person wants to enter the protected area. Information read by the appropriate electronic device is sent as a request to the base, which stores data on the human. The system takes into account the position and personal data of the person itself and automatically decides to admit or reject that person. After this a signal is sent to turnstile, door or gate to open or remain closed. In the second case, the security service is also notified: in accordance with instructions they should respond to the attempt of unauthorized access.

License plate number can also act as a digital object read by electronic equipment. The system can be successfully used to automate entry of cars in the outside of organizations’ buildings. The access control system has been adapted to the climatic conditions as well as to work on the remote control.

Besides all this, the access control system can also perform additional functions. For example, they can be used to gather information on the movement of people inside the object, for the recording of working time, to control the operation and other purposes. These control systems may be part of the integrated security systems, along with security, fire safety and surveillance systems.