Stadium after T.Bakhramov

In the stadium named after T.Bakhramov with area of 85 thousand 700 square meters have been performed works on major repairs and reconstruction. The number of seats in the stadium has been increased from 29 870 to 31 200. In front of the entrance of the stadium was built the ticket machine.

There were installed turnstiles through which will pass at the same time 50 persons. The facade of the stadium is equipped with an electronic display 30 meters long. Were also performed works on the reconstruction of the garden at the entrance. Under the tribunes there were created locker rooms for four teams, toilets, showers, a conference hall, rooms for coaches and referees, medical room, doping control and other auxiliary facilities.

At the top of the stands there was installed a large monitor, constructed 500 special booths for the press, equipped with the necessary equipment. To lighting columns set here are attached security cameras and sound-amplifying speakers. To cover stadium stands there was installed a special spatial design, and it was completely covered with special membrane resistant to fire and other impacts with area of 30 thousand square meters.