CCTV systems

Security cameras are divided into digital and analog. The main difference: digital camera is fully autonomous surveillance system - camcorder is powered by a "crown", the unit is powered by 5 volt from laptop or computer.

Advantages of digital cameras:
  • mobility (video from the crown, the receiver from the USB)
  • high quality shooting
  • the ability to install up to 4 cameras simultaneously
  • the presence of motion sensors (set Lux)
Advantages of analog cameras:
  • low price
  • fast and easy connectivity of the system
Disadvantages of digital cameras:
  • high price
  • installation takes more time
Disadvantages of analog cameras:
  • receiver unit is powered by 220 volt
  • can not be placed in the same room more than 2 cameras (high probability of channel overlay)
  • only record to a VCR or a computer but only through additional devices

When you connect all the wired cameras to an amplifier, they can be wireless. Range of video transmission via the radio channel in the forward direction can be up to a maximum of 3 km. But it is possible to increase range of video transmission using wires by connecting the video signal amplifier (up to 600 m). In this case, the video and camera power will be carried out by the wires.

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