Intercom systems

Intercom system is designed for communication between areas and zones. Telephone, satellite and cable TV, Internet access are parts of intercom system. Devices of intercom systems include selector communication, on-door speakerphone, communications devices for rooms and areas with limited access.

This system will distribute the calls made to the central station in accordance with a given algorithm, to supporting handsets and will warn of unwanted or critical calls. When an intercom system is installed you can transfer data, speak with incoming clients on the intercom, prevent children from viewing inappropriate channels, etc. throughout the system terminal.

By installing into the intercom system of control or additional devices such as an answering machine, you can get information about emergencies at your home via the Internet or telephone. In case of fire, gas or water leakage, problems with engineering systems and also on breaking of strangers into the house siren system will alert the security service or you. Besides, you do not have to buy an antenna for each TV set or internet point in each room. The system will transmit, and distribute the TV signal from the main receiver to all devices. Also, the system will provide access to the Internet in all the rooms in the same way.

Intercom system consists of the following parts:

  • control processor
  • remote control device
  • intercoms
  • microphones
  • antenna
  • receiver
  • connecting cable channel

The main advantage of the intercom systems is their multifunctionality and flexibility. The system can be installed in factories, office buildings, shopping facilities, terminals and other buildings - in tunnels, power plants, boilers and in homes. One type of intercom system is a video conferencing intercom system.

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