Fire alarm systems

Means of fire alarms serve for detection of fire at the initial stages, indicating the time and place of the fire with a signal of danger and, if necessary, automatically turning on sprinkler systems and smoke protection.

Fire alarm system reacts to the initial signs of a fire (smoke, heat, fire). Fire alarm system combines the functions relating to the protection (open doors and windows) and a fire. Fire alarm installation is based on the following: Automatic fire detector (sensor) (smoke, heat, and combined), manual Call Point, automatic and manual call points.

The structure of the fire alarm system includes the following:

  • Fire detectors
  • Control panels
  • Fire alarm loops
  • Control devices
  • Detectors
  • Data transmission system
  • Retransmitters
  • Final control device
  • Central monitoring consoles

Address fire alarm system (AFAS) is a set of fire alarm technical means and in case of fire provides automatic or manual switching of "Fire" signal on the address control panel by receiving information from the automatic or manual fire alarms installed in the protected areas.

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