Fire Hydrants and Accessories

Fire hydrants are one of the fire extinguishing means and are mainly used in factories, depots, buildings, industrial sites, towns and villages in the individual points of direct intervention to the fire.

Principle of operation - opening and closing disk is rotated with special hydrant wrench in the direction of opening and moves down. Thus, the hydrant is opened. Opening and closing disc is closed by backward motion toward closure, closure is from the bottom towards up, in the direction of flow.

Like other extinguishing devices "fire hydrants" have special features:

  • The option of immediately intervention - the importance of immediate intervention is known with the rapid spread of the fire. Fire hydrant with its special features will help you put out the fire easily and quickly.
  • Lack of shock effect - The flow in a fire hydrant is stable, does not create turbulence, stable flow is ensured by special wings. For this reason, the shock effect is anticipated and control of the hose is made easier.
  • Automatic pumping of water - After using the hydrant water remaining in the trunk of hydrant is removed by automatically pumping system. Thus, the hydrant is protected from cases of glaciation.
  • Lack of pumping cases - as a fire hydrant is closed to the direction of flow, pumping cases are not observed.
  • Long service life - as a hydrant are located outdoor the stem is supported by stand. Stem does not vibrate and the slot is not deformated, remaining in operation for a long time.

Principle of operation of hydrants is the direction of the large volumes of water at the burning material (wood, paper, cloth). In case of fire of electrical equipment under a lot of voltage, combustible materials (gasoline, kerosene, acetone, alcohol), and toxic or flammable gases reacting with water, do not use water. While extinguishing fire one should pay attention to prevent water from causing damage to the non-burning materials and devices located around.

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