Access Control System

Access control systems are complex and multidimensional electronic systems. Conventional doors with mechanical locks or mechanical turnstiles with watchman can also be attributed to the control system, but it is impossible to stick the watchman to each door. In such cases, access control system comes to the aid, allowing only authorized and targeted access to specially protected areas.

The main direction of current ARS is their intellectualization, that is, the maximization of the ability to transmit and process data, and to find solutions with the help of computers and mechanical means of ARS. As a result, when we talk about modern ARD we mean programmed hardware and methodical organizational measures that control and manage access to certain rooms and even obtain information about the location and duration of the presence of employees in some parts of the object.

At the moment automatic access control is widely used in enterprises of different directions: in offices, banks, shops and workplaces. The simplest device of access control is encrypted panel and autonomous cards. Different types of locks, turnstiles and automatic doors can be used as tools of control over access.

Some means of access control are as follows:

  • Encrypted keyboard
  • Barcode
  • Electronic key
  • Magnetic cards
  • Weigand cards
  • Contactless cards or key fobs
  • Radio
  • IQ keychains
  • Smart cards
  • Identifying biometric system

The main difference between the network access control devices with the above listed means is that with their help functions of access control systems become simpler for the user. Moreover, not just one person, but the head of the security system or on duty operator can instantly get out of ARS information on the arrival or departure of staff. And the company management or accounting can regularly receive from ARS leaflet about each employee after the working month.

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