“DALGIC YANGIN” company is manufacturing high quality fire-protection and security systems. Products of DALGIC YANGIN are characterized by their size and weight. For instance, company’s production line includes fire-extinguishers perfectly suitable for automobiles, with approximate weight of 1 kg. Also the company can offer those, used in industrial entities – their weight can reach up to 250 kg.

Another type of production – are fire cabinets. They can be of various sizes, with metallic and glass doors, installed inside or outside of buildings. For server rooms and rooms with large number of electrical equipment, the company has developed a gas fire-extinguishing system FM200. DALGIC products are used in homes, hospitals, hotels, automobiles, factories, ships etc. around the world.

Quality of products and customer service are our priorities. Objective of DALGIC company is to gain the trust of customers requiring high standards and live up to it. Irrespective of circumstances, DALGIC company will always assure high quality and honesty.

DALGIC company has representative offices in Baku, Stambul, Bursa, Izmir and Antalya. A lot has been done on the way to achieving professionalism. Production capacity of the company is growing every year. DALGIC company provides a 2 year guarantee. The company provides high level service. Also, the company provides information and consultation on fire-fighting and fire-safety.