From the first day of its operations Fetaş has complied with such principles as “Quality” and “Customer Satisfaction”. Products of Fetaş company are used in large projects in Turkey, as well as abroad. Thus, Fetaş company has managed to create an international trademark in fire-protection products and currently 50% of Fetaş production is exported abroad.

Fetaş company is the owner of a research and development laboratory, where new developments, production cycles, sustainability and quality are tested. All of Fetaş products are presented to the client solely after quality control and conducting all tests. At the same time Fetaş company constantly implements new changes in technology and products are manufactured with the help of a computerized system using highly technological equipment. For this reason and with the help of qualified personnel Fetaş company is able to produce special constructions in line with client’s requirements.

Spheres of Fetaş fire-protection products utilization: industrial sector: plants manufacturing paper, plastic, textile, paintwork material; electrical stations; water reservoirs, oil installations etc. as well as social sector: malls, business centers, airports, subways, hospitals, sports halls, cinemas, theaters, schools etc.; residential sector: hostels, villas, hotels, hotel complexes etc.

Based on your fire-protection demands, Fetaş company will provide qualified personnel and proven quality. Our products are used for stationary and mobile purposes:

• Water fire-extinguishing systems
• Powder fire-extinguishing systems
• Foam fire-extinguishing systems.