Samsung is one of the fastest growing brands of the global security equipment market. Samsung security products, available in all countries of the world due to a broad distribution network, are highly valued for their quality. Scientific-research and experimental-constructive works have enabled Samsung to significantly expand its product selection and offer comprehensive solutions for ensuring safety and security of various objects.

Through careful study of customer inquiries, continuous efforts to satisfy existing and future demands of professional security equipment market, Samsung continuous to develop and improve its products. If you need surveillance of your home or office, Samsung offers various designs and methods for installation of cost-efficient video-intercoms, compact telecameras and digital video-registers.

You can use autonomous access controllers, with latest identification technology – by fingerprints and face recognition. For corporate security systems Samsung recommends to use professional telecameras with 5th generation digital cameras, image transmission system through twisted-pair wire, multi-channel recorders and network access control systems. For protection of object perimeter you can apply Samsung active IR barriers. For security system of premises and remote monitoring – Samgung IP systems offer a wide variety of services – device access throught DDNS, PoE technology, support of various protocols and installed analytical video-detectors. Samsung IP devices are integrated into many systems and software applications of external manufacturers.