AES-IntelliNet company – is the industry leader, providing high quality wireless network systems applied by fire-fighting and security services in commercial, corporate, government and educational institutions. In addition AES-IntelliNet company offers a wide selection of products and advanced network management tools. Users of AES – IntelliNet networks have significantly increased their income, expanded their communication channels and saved costs, at the same time stepping into the higher level of reliability standards required in the fire-protection and security industry.

Alarm monitoring system by AES-IntelliNet company is employed in hundreds of thousands of locations in 130 countries around the world. Wireless network is the innovative technology which is rapidly adapted by many industries and applied in sectors requiring data transmission across large geographical distances at highest level of reliability and low user costs. Advanced design and opportunity of 2-way information exchange assure easier installation, expansion and support compared to alternative communication methods – both cable and wireless.