TOA company is holding a leading position in the development of sound and communication technologies. Key activities of TOA company are production and supply of complex engineering equipment, as well as its subsequent servicing.

Selection of TOA company’s production varies from amplifiers and musical acoustic systems to converters, wireless microphone systems and digital processors applied in sound intensification, as well as internal communication systems.

Key equipment produced by TOA include:
a) Professional sound systems – sound systems for theaters and concert halls, digital mixer systems.
b) Communication systems – intercoms, telephone systems, wireless microphone systems, alerting systems in large malls, warehouses.
c) Public address microphone-systems, megaphones, amplifiers, loud speakers, background music, emergency warning systems, general warning systems, conference systems

Key requirements to application of any alert systems – is the high level of distinct articulation and good sound quality. TOA equipment meets all of these requirements. Office buildings, sports complexes, railway stations, airports, parks – everywhere TOA production and services can contribute to a greater comfort, maximum security and create opportunity for a pleasant time passing.