Tyco International Ltd. was established in 1960 as a scientific-research lab to conduct experimental work for the American government. Core of business was based on the Tyco Lab, which later was transformed into materials engineering center based on most advanced technology and energetic conversion products for commercial sector. In 1964 the company received wide public acknowledgement and in 1965 it started acquiring other companies to fill the gaps in its development and distribution network. As a result, Tyco was modified into production of industrial goods.

Tyco International Ltd. is a multi-sectoral international company, which supplies necessary equipment to over 60 countries. Tyco-– is the leading supplier of electronic security and fire-protection equipment, as well as detection systems, valves and control mechanisms. Tyco provides modern technological solutions, strengthening the work of various brands, stimulating exploitational advantage and carrying best business practices – which will stimulate long-term development and success of Tyco company.