“Automatic Systems” is a part of the “IER” group of companies – one of global leaders in producing access control automation equipment. “Automatic Systems” company was established in 1969. Since then the company has been sustainably growing and expanding its activities. Based on 40 years of experience, the company develops and produces equipment for paid access control (public transport, roads), as well as equipment for installation at walk-through areas of offices, enterprises and administrative buildings – to use as blockage installations as part of permit systems on various premises (ports, airports, premises with high access security level etc.)

Subsidiary companies of Automatic Systems are located all around the world. The company has international distribution network. “Automatic Systems” company operates 6 offices around the world: in Belgium, France, England, Spain, Canada and the USA; with 3 factories in Belgium, 1 in Canada, 115.000 units of equipment installed in 60 different countries. More than 40 cities are supplied with transport access control systems. “Automatic Systems” introduced a system of continuous quality improvement. In addition to customer satisfaction and product quality objectives, the company also has realized management system, responsible for company’s development and improvement.

Based on four decades of experience, the company offers paid access restrictors (public transport system, highways, etc.) and access restrictors for security purposes (in buildings, immigration control, etc.):

  • Security equipment to restrict vehicle access
  • Control over the safety of pedestrians
  • Security equipment to restrict passengers’ access
  • International participation